Bloom Your Block 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in Bloom Your Block 2016! Here are the winners:

Individual awards:
1st place – Windy Blount
2nd place – Kristina & Leigh Samson
3rd place – Tie! Stephanie Bowe and Chris & Erica Martin

Block awards:
1st place – 1300 block of Lombard Street
2nd place – 1300 block of Hollins Street
3rd place – 1500 block of Lombard Street

Here are some photos from the day, courtesy of Roger Miller! Click to enlarge.

115-DSC_1437-Edit 115-DSC_1401-Edit 115-DSC_1346-Edit-TOP
115-DSC_1306-Edit 115-DSC_1298-Edit 114-DSC_1405-Edit 114-DSC_1397-Edit 115-DSC_1518-Edit 115-DSC_1512-Edit 115-DSC_1510-Edit 115-DSC_1520-Edit