USA Day July 16, 2016

This past weekend, the Union Square Association revived the old USA day with a twist. Residents shared dishes from their home states and countries. Represented were four American states and eleven countries representing Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe and Oceana.

Neighbors grabbed their passports for a whirl around the United States where they sampled cheesy grits, sausage bread, gumbo and good old Smuckers jam. Just across the way they feasted on pavlova from New Zealand, pulau and chai from India, chicken peanut stew from Senegal, and injera with shiro from Ethiopia. The European tour was the longest leg of the trip and featured pierogis from Ukraine, sausages from Germany, pizelles from Italy, and fresh bread from France. Just to the west of Europe was the newly brexited bread pudding from England. And last, staying true to their sunny reputations, were conch fritters and ginger beer from The Bahamas and empanadas from Nicaragua.

It wasn’t all about food though. The ensemble Nootana, featuring Union Square’s Kruti Ravaliya presented Indian classical music and dance performances. We were then lead in the traditional Ethiopian dance Eskista by our new neighbor Kidist Belete.

It was a real pleasure to experience a tiny bit of the cultures represented in Union Square. I want to thank everyone who cooked, ate, danced and sang that day. Hope to see more of you sharing some fantastic dishes and dances moves next year!




Bloom Your Block 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in Bloom Your Block 2016! Here are the winners:

Individual awards:
1st place – Windy Blount
2nd place – Kristina & Leigh Samson
3rd place – Tie! Stephanie Bowe and Chris & Erica Martin

Block awards:
1st place – 1300 block of Lombard Street
2nd place – 1300 block of Hollins Street
3rd place – 1500 block of Lombard Street

Here are some photos from the day, courtesy of Roger Miller! Click to enlarge.

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115-DSC_1306-Edit 115-DSC_1298-Edit 114-DSC_1405-Edit 114-DSC_1397-Edit 115-DSC_1518-Edit 115-DSC_1512-Edit 115-DSC_1510-Edit 115-DSC_1520-Edit